Vesta Medikal Company which is the distributor of the world’s well-known companies in Turkey such as I-sens, Mindray, Biomerieux, Biosynex, Ortho
Clinical Diagnostics, Abott, BD and Greiner for more than 20 years with experience and knowledge in the sector, launched its own brand VESRapido
Cassette Tests in 2018.

The product which takes all attention with its low cost and long shelf life, VESRapido Immunochromographic cassette tests are among the most preferred products due to their fast results.

As well known the results of Immunochromographic cassette tests, which are widely used in the whole world, are practical because they are directly visible and there is no need to use an additional device. In general, these tests which are qualitatively measured, have an accuracy rate of about 98% since the highly selective antigen-antibody reaction is used.

Vesta Medikal Company launches Infectious Rapid Tests, Fluorescence Immunoassay Tests and Alltest LF Readers under his own brand VESRapido with a wide range of products such as Adenovirus, Rotavirus, Noravirus, Clostridium Difficile Toxin A + B, H. Pylori Antibody, H. Pvlori Antigen, Streep A, Influenza A + B, FOB (Gaita occult blood), Transferrin and FOB Combo, Chlamdia, Entaomoeba, RSV, Procalsitonin (PCT), Urine strip and FL-CRP Tests.