Weolcome To Vesta Medikal

Vesta Medikal Company, which gained its corporate identity in 2006 with its sectoral experience and knowledge more than 20 years, has been serving with its professional team in the diagnostic medical sector since the day it was established.

Company that carries out the distribution of world well-known companies such as I-sens, Mindray, Biomerieux, Biosynex, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Abbott, BD, Greiner, Agappe; furthermore launched its own brand VESRapido Cassette Tests in 2018.

The Company expands its service network to cover Blood Gases, Blood Groups, Cassette Tests, Laboratory Setup, Laboratory Supplies and after-sale technical support. Although it is a medium-sized enterprise, Vesta Medikal has gained a well-known and strong place in the medical sector in a short time thanks to her importance given to quality and the determination to succeed.

Vesta Medikal Company is the leading company among the preferred companies in local and international markets with its professional team always adopting high quality service, fast technical support and logistic network, on time delivery and reasonable price understanding. It has a big share especially in export market.

With the slogan of ‘’Health Comes First’’ that the company started his journey, Vesta Medikal Company will continue to serve you today and in the future that works with the principle of ‘’The guarantee of success and continuity is based on honesty and quality in service’’.


“Health Comes First”

As Vesta Medikal Company which was established with the slogan of ‘’Health Comes First’’, our priority has always been to provide customer satisfaction, solution-oriented work and to provide every material and technical support in a short and effective manner.